Speech Therapy

Speech therapist assist with your communication and language skills and help you manage swallowing disorders.

Cognitive Retraining

Swallowing Education and Assessment

Speech Assessment and Treatment

Address Your Speaking Difficulties With Confidence

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Do you find that communicating is harder than it used to be? Whether you’re having trouble with stuttering or expressing ideas, a licensed speech therapist can help. Excel Complete Home HealthCare offers speech therapy services in Victoria, TX and surrounding areas. Our therapists will come to you, so you can receive convenient speech therapy right in your home.

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Receive coaching from an experienced speech pathologist

Speech disorders can develop early in a person’s life, or as a result of aging, a medical condition or an injury. Regardless of the cause of your speaking difficulty, we can help you adjust your communication style. A speech therapist can work with you to address…

Speech disorders

Communication disorders

Swallowing disorders


We’ll come up with a gentle plan of action so you can practice new speaking patterns without feeling overwhelmed. Call 361-575-4500 for a consultation about speech therapy services.