Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapist work with you to improve your independence and ability to perform self-care activities, compensate for loss of function, adapt to your environment and ­learn to manage low vision.

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Vision Assessment and Training

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Overcome Your Diminished Dexterity

Get occupational therapy in the comfort of your home in Victoria, TX and within a 60 mile radius

Maintaining your dexterity is a crucial part of staying healthy as you age. If you’re struggling to complete tasks that require fine motor skills, occupational therapy can help. Excel Complete Home HealthCare can send a senior occupational therapist to your home in Victoria, TX or the surrounding area. We’ll work with you to engage the muscles you need to strengthen so you can regain your abilities.

Contact us today to arrange for a visit from a trained therapist.

Recover your fine motor skills through fun activities

Occupational therapy treatments, or “interventions,” are often simple, enjoyable activities designed to target specific motor skills. Examples of these activities include:

Origami crafting

Tossing a ball

Sculpting with clay

Writing a letter

Making a bracelet

Our senior occupational therapists will get to know you while coaching you through interventions, so you can form a meaningful relationship. Take the first step toward improving your dexterity by calling 361-575-4500 now.